Luffy punching Enel

Starting the list is none other than the electric fight between God Enel & Luffy. Luffy being the only person who is naturally immune to Enel’s lightning power played a huge role in Luffy being able to defeat Enel. The Rumble-Rumble fruit is undeniably one of the strongest devil fruit. Unfortunately, for Enel, he had to face with a man made of rubber. Luffy vs Enel is a classic fight in One Piece where luffy uses his baka mind to outwit Enel and his advanced observation haki.


Usopp v Luffy

In the fourth spot, we have the clash between Nakamas, Luffy & Usopp. The fight that sparked due to the Going Merry is not only one of the best fights in One Piece but also an emotional one. Usopp knew he had no chance of defeating Luffy but still challenged him for the sake of Merry Go. Inevitably, Luffy won the fight but Usopp didn’t go down without giving his best. This fight even resulted in Usopp leaving the crew for a temporary time period but it didn’t stop him from helping his crew fight the assassins of CP9 to save Robin.


Luffy & Doflamingo’s clash of Conqueror’s haki

Donquixote Doflamingo is one of the fiercest enemy Luffy has faced. The former Warlord of the sea with an awakened devil fruit power and all 3 types of haki surely gave a hard time to Luffy which forced Luffy to use his trump card, Gear Fourth. With the limited time until the Birdcage created by Doffy closes in, Luffy had to defeat him Doflamingo to save the whole country of Dressrosa. The epic confrontation between Luffy’s Gear Fourth and Doffy’s awakened devil fruit power is one you cannot miss out.


Luffy v Lucci

The fight againts the then top assasin of CP9, Rob Lucci, is no doubt one of the best fight in the whole series. Some might even argue for it to be the best fight in One Piece. What really makes this fight so special despite what it stands for in the arc as a whole is that it is the first of Luffy’s fights to be purely decided by physical action. All of Luffy’s past enemies have used some special power to gain an advantage on him, but Rob Lucci is the first to purely outclass him in physical strength and fighting style. This fight sees Luffy dish out new powers and techniques and come to a pure fist fight match that many may not have been expecting but assuredly wanted more of in the future, as it perfectly and intimately captured the drama and conflict of a person’s vie for freedom as it comes to beings of absolute justice.


Luffy v Katakuri

Topping the list is the mindblowing confrontation between the Straw Hat’s Captain and Sweet Commander of Big Mom Pirates, Charlotte Katakuri. As Luffy tries to rescue Sanji from Whole Cake Island, he comes face to face with someone that he deems his greatest test for advancing as a pirate, Charlotte Katakuri, someone who’s Devil Fruit not only mirrors Luffy’s but also carries a heightened form of Observation Haki that lets him see into the future. The billion berri plus man gives one heck of a battle against Luffy, forcing him to use a new for of Gear Fourth, Snakeman. This fight sees an incredible rise for Luffy as he battles a seemingly indomitable force overmatch him blow for blow as well as a battle of philosophy, as both fights for their respective families. Luffy vs Katakuri deserves the top spot for best fight in the whole series.

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