COVER STORY: Gotti saves Chiffon from the marines.

Spoiler Image 1

Spoiler Image 1

Kanjuro: I am exactly that!

Kinemon: Kanjuro!??

Kinemon: Stop joking around, all of us were almost executed in a boiling pot!!!

Kanjuro: Yes that’s right, and it’s precisely because I’d have died with you all that I was able to fulfill the perfect role!!!

Kanjuro: Since, I was a kid, ever since I lost my heart/emotions, I’ve always been searching for a place to die.

Kanjuro: From the very beginning, the Kanjuro you all know never existed.

Kanjuro: I experienced joy and sorrow together with you all on a daily basis, obtained your absolute trust…didn’t resent any of you, and I also intended to hurt any of you. The only thing I did was to continuously feed Master Orochi information

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Spoiler Image 2

Kanjuro: Before it came to this, why didn’t any of you doubt yourselves!!!

Scabbards?: ???Kanjuro: It should have all been very suspicious from the beginning!!!, any and everything!!!

Beast Pirates: Hey you lot!!! it’s true!!! just like Master Orochi said, there are actually some dudes heading for Onigashima on a small boat!!!

Beast Pirates: Wahaha!!! These guys are cracking me up!!!Beast Pirates: I can’t believe it!!! It’s actually the nine scabbards from that time. Moreover, to to think that they had a spy amongst their ranks all this time. Are you the spy?

Kanjuro: Yes, that’s right

Kinemon: Kanjuro~!!!!!

Kanjuro: Kakaka, there would have been no greater joy than to have died with you all at sea without revealing my identity, but this time I was stopped by Master Orochi. “You did well!!, this is the end!!” he said. “Bring Momonouske along with you to Onigashima he said!!!”

Momonosuke: Kin’emon~!!!!!!

Kin’emon: What!??? Master Momonosuke!!!!

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Spoiler Image 3

Luffy: Pirates are companions of the sea!!!!

Spoiler Image 4

Spoiler Image 4

Orochi: Kinemon, Kanjuro, Raizou, Kikunojo, Momonosuke…Those 5…!!! they time-traveled here from that day 20 years ago!!!

Kaidou: Did an ability like that really exist in that burning castle!?

Kaidou: Maybe someone is just messing with you cause you’re scared?

Orochi: There’s no doubt about this!!! Look at it, this letter!!!

Orochi: Continue to keep watch at the coast!!!! There should be some fellows entering this country.

Ninja+Samurai: Yes Sir!!!

Kaidou: In that case, make sure you don’t kill them? If they are actually alive, then I have something that I have wanted to ask the remnants of the Kozuki for the last 20 years.

Spoiler Image 5

Spoiler Image 5


Currently, “The flower capital”

“Well then!”

“The legendary samurai that has been talked about from generation to generation”

“Since Kouzuki Oden’s tragic death, it’s been 20 years” The story of the deep rooted fate between ‘The Kozuki clan’ and the ‘Kurozumi family and the pirate Kaidou'”

“In order to fulfill Kozuki Oden’s dream of opening Wano’s borders, the samurai flew 20 years into the future”

“Several months after they gained allies who are willing to put their lives on the line to fight for the same cause”

Spoiler Image 6

Spoiler Image 6

Orochi: This guy is a trustworthy man. He was born into a mass theater troupe…. Due to persecution from ‘Wano Country’, he lost both of his parents on stage…!!!!

People: It’s the clan of daimyo-killers!! Kanjuro: Kyaaa!! Orochi: The man who only knew life on stage

Orochi: Completely lost his heart, and kept on living by acting as someone

Kanjuro: You are the heir of the ‘Kurozumi’ main family!?

Higurashi: That’s right. We have erased the people who killed your parents. Kyo, kyo kyo. But this is merely the prologue of our revenge!!

Orochi/Higurashi: You must live as a true ‘Kozuki’…!! And without being noticed by anyone, die as a Kozuki!! That is the great role given to you on this great stage!! Can you act it out……!?

Spoiler Image 7

Spoiler Image 7

Denjiro: In the worst case I will separate Komurasaki from Orochi with ‘Death’


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