Chapter 978: “Introducing the Tobi Roppo”

Chapter 979: “Family Problems”

Chapter covers

One Piece Chapter 978 introduced us the Tobi Roppo of Beast Pirates while Chapter 979 revealed the name of Kaido’s son, Yamato.

First of all, talking about the cover stories, Chapter 978 finally sees Lola & Chiffon reunited whereas in 979 we can see that the Tontata’s find a drifted Tart ship carrying Pound.

Chapter 978 started off with the alliance sneaking into Onigashima using the devil fruit power of Kinemon. All the members of the alliance are disguised in Beast Pirates’ outfit.

Straw Hats in Beast Pirates outfit

Meanwhile, Queen & Apoo are starting the party at Onigashima. Queen states that all of the Beast pirates, Orochi’s oniwabanshu and even Big Mom’s children are attending the Fire Festival.

We are introduced to the Flying Six aka Tobi Roppo with a glorious double page spread as the title of the chapter suggests, and my oh my they look dope. This concludes chapter 978.

Tobi Roppo

Moving on to Chapter 979, it starts with Orochi being completly carefree cause of his perfect plan with Kanjuro. We see that the alliance are infiltrating the Fire Festival in disguise. We also learn that the members of Beast pirates are unknown about Kanjuro being allied to Orochi.


The core part of the chapter comes when Kaido meets the Tobi Roppo. The Tobi Roppo thought that Kaido was the one to summon them but it was actually King. This chapter explains that the Tobi Roppo are actually just below the Lead Performers in the hierarchy of Beast Pirates.

Samurai alliance disguised as Beast Pirates

Kaido commands the Tobi Roppo to find his son, Yamato, and promises to let them challenge any one of the Lead Performers for that spot. King & Jack agrees without any complaints. This hypes up a great fight between the Lead Performers and the Tobi Roppo.

Kaido, Jack & Tobi Roppo

In the final sequence of the chapter, we see some members of Beast Pirates throwing away Oshiruko, which triggers Luffy.

Chapter 978- 9 out of 10
Chapter 979- 8.5 out of 10

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