Title: “The Party’s Off!!!”

One Piece chapter 977 not only gave us epic panels with all the Straw Hats in action but also revealed a massive plot point regarding Kaido. This chapter also gave us a little tease on the Tobi Roppo. In the cover story of 977 the twin sisters, Lola & Chiffon, are finally reunited in Dressrosa.

Cover page

One Piece 977 started slow with the reunion of Straw Hat Crew after the arrival of Jimbei in chapter 976. Meanwhile, on the Polar Tank; the Heart Pirates and the Red Scabbards is joined by Shishilian and Boss Hyogoro, who’ll be leading the Minks and the Samurais of Wano respectively, to listen to the plan. Law tells the alliance about the plan which he came up with (and will fail probably lol).

Straw Hat Crew together in one panel

Meanwhile, the alliance hears an explosion at the entrance. Then we get some glorious panel of all the Straw Hats in their first action of Wano war. Also, the weak trio is doing their part, don’t judge them. Kine’mon thanks Luffy & co. for clearing out the entrance but Kidd challenges Luffy on taking Kaido’s head. Man, I love the rivalry between Luffy & Kidd. The alliance head towards Onigashima.

Straw Hat Pirates in action

In Onigashima, we see Orochi & Kaido’s men having a banquet. And we get a revelation that Kaido has a son. I’m really eager to see this son of Kaido. Also, we get a little tease of the Tobi Roppo at the end of the chapter.

Teaser of The Tobi Roppo

Note: Break Next week, the next chapter will be out on April 26.

Rating: 9/10

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