Title: “Begging Your Pardon”

One Piece chapter 976 is out after a weeklong hiatus bringing an immeasurable hype to the upcoming war along with it. This chapter finally introduced Jimbei as the official new member of the Straw Hat Pirates and Oda specifically waited for Jimbei’s birthday to make him an official Strawhat!

We got a glorious colorspread in this chapter and also an epic shot of Oden, Luffy and Roger drinking sake together in the cover of Weekly Shounen Jump.

Colorspread of Chapter 976

The chapter started out with the scabbards (except Denjiro) questioning Kine’mon about the plan. Only Denjiro was convinced that it was actually Kine’mon’s plan all along, but the other were like “Really tho?”. That was pretty cool, but yea Kine’mon confessed it was his life worth of luck he got there.

Kawamatsu clashing with Kanjuro

I like how Kawamatsu decided to swim to the shore and face Kanjuro to save Momonosuke. But unfortunately Kanjuro is actually a pretty good artist and he draws an aesthetic bird, that can actually fly, to get away from Kawamatsu. Kanjuro also tells them that he is going to find Hiyori and kill her. Meanwhile, Luffy & co. finds out that Kanjuro is the traitor all along, so Sanji uses sky walk to go save Momo but we see another new attack of Kanjuro named Ukiyo Portrait: Evening Shower. Kanjuro really has a lot up his sleeve man.

After seeing all that, Momonosuke decides to grab all his guts and tell the alliance not to worry about him. Momo is a brave kid, gotta give props to him. I’m as proud as Luffy was of him this chapter.

While the alliance thought that the ships of the Beast Pirates were retreating, they were actually getting far away to fire the long distance cannons which took down a couple of Samurai’s ships. And all of a sudden, Baam! A Spear wave pierces through one of the ship of Beast Pirates. Yes, our boy Jimbei is back from the Whole Cake Island!!.

Jinbe, Helmsman of the Straw Hat Pirates, arrives at Wano for war

It’s so damn good to see Jimbei finally arriving at Wano. On top of the that, he even gets a proper introduction as the new member and the Helmsman of the Straw Hat Pirates. We also get his new bounty, which is 438,000,000 berries, second highest bounty in the crew after Luffy himself. The crew is super excited to see Jimbei back and I am too. Hell, everyone in the fandom is excited to see Jimbei.

The hype level is off the charts now, and hope we will probably get to know what happened to Jimbei, the Sun Pirates & Germa66 in WCI. No Break next week, so the chapter’s gonna drop on April 12.

Rating: 9 out of 10

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