One Piece chapter 975 explained the true meaning of Lord Yasuie’s message. It gave us a great action moment for Luffy, Law & Kidd and also proceeded with the story progression of Kin’emon & Kyoshiro(Denjiro).

Cover of Chapter 975

Before we begin, lets talk about the cover story of this chapter. The cover story of chapter 975 confirms that it is indeed Lola, not Chiffon who was saved by Gotti. This might even lead in the marriage of Lola with Gotti, I guess?

Straw Hat Pirates are together after 7 years (real time).

The chapter starts off with Kanjuro being shook by the appearances of Luffy, Law & Kidd. We see all the Straw Hats together after a very very long time. I can’t even remember the last time they were together. The outfit of everyone looks cool too. Just an addition of a pair of gloves made Sanji look even cooler, not gonna lie. Also, Zeus and Carrot is with the Straw Hats as well.

Kidd, Luffy and Law using their signature moves.

The members of the Beast Pirates tells the Samurais about the alliance between Beast Pirates and Big Mom Pirates which is a pretty Big news!. We then get an epic moment of Luffy, Law & Kidd jumping into one of the ships of Beast Pirates and using their signature moves to take the whole ship down in an instance. Ugh, I’ve been waiting for this teamup for a long time and I’m absolutely fanboying that scene. Really loved it!.

Luffy, Law & Kidd destroys one of the Beast Pirates’ ships.

Kyoshiro shows up and immediately cuts one of the ships of Beast Pirates into two and annouces that the 200 men of Kyoshiro Family is with the Red Scabbards for the war. He then reveals his true identity by taking off his wig and telling Kin’emon about the truth of Mountain God incident which only Kin’emon & Denjiro knew. He also explains why he choose to play the enemy untill now. Kyoshiro even brought an additional 1000 men from the Rasetsu Prison, a total of 1200 men to add to the cause. Kyoshiro, or should I say Denjiro? Whatever his name be, he is a great man.

Kyoshiro cuts down the ship of Beast Pirates.

Denjiro then explains the real meaning of Lord Yasuie’s message, how it meant Hato (Wharf), and how Kin’emon cleaverly misread the message as Tokage Port to fool the traitor amongst them, which consequently fooled Orochi too.

He also tells that all 4200 men followed the plan perfectly and are hiding themselves at the wharf. Then we see a beautiful double spread with a lots of ships carrying the men to fight in the war. The Ninja-Pirate-Mink-Samurai Alliance now has a total of 5400 men rallying towards Onigashima!

The ships for the raid on Onigashima.

In the final panel, we see a really confused Kin’emon who actually misread Yasuie’s message but with a dumbluck got what he needed. This panel is so damn funny, classic Oda trolling us with a superb plot twist.

Kin’emon confused.

One Piece chapter 976 will be out on April 5th, which means there won’t be a new chapter next week.

Rating: 10 out of 10

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