Title: “The Flower Falls! The Final Moment of the Most Beautiful Woman in the Land of Wano!”

Title Card

One Piece episode 928 started off right where we left on episode 927. This episode gave both the fans and most of the people of Wano a big heartbreak by killing off the most beautiful woman of Wano kuni, Oiran Komurasaki.

Episode 928 also gave us some cool action scene of Robin, Brook and Nami. Robin & Brook, using their respective devil fruit powers, took on the Oniwabanshu whereas Nami used Zues to ‘Thunderbolt Tempo’ the shit out of Shogun Orochi.

Brook scaring the Oniwabanshu

This episode also killed off the newest Waifu from Wano kuni, Komurasaki. Press F to pay respect. We see Kyoshiro mercilessly cutting Komurasaki with his blade resulting in her instant death!?

Kyoshiro cuts Komurasaki

We also get a scene from Udon prison where we find out that Kidd has apparently escaped the prison. Also, Chopper and co. will probably be heading to Udon with Big Mom to rescue Luffy. How will Chopper even get out of lying to Big Mom about FOOD!? Its getting interesting now!

Overall the episode was okay-ish with great animation and voice acting, but the pacing still sucks. The pacing is really slow which pissess me off. Hope we’ll get a well paced episode from the next one.

Rating: 6.5/10

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