Title: “Pandemonium! The Monster Snake, Shogun Orochi!”

Title Card

One Piece episode 927 showed us how Shogun Orochi is very afraid of the prophecy made by Lady Toki 20 years ago. He believes that the Red Scabbards are still out there along with Momonosuke and will be coming for his & Kaido’s head for sure.

Episode 927 started with Big Mom’s amnesia and it also showed Chopper being haunted by the nightmare of the memories he had in Whole Cake Island. Chopper and group should be taking a full advantage of the monster while she can’t remember her true self. Also, we get a little tease of Big Mom’s hunger pang to come in Wano arc as well?

Komurasaki slaps Orochi

Back to the castle of Orochi where he tells everyone about how Toki’s prophecy will come true, everyone listening to him thinks he’s a coward. OToko accidentally starts laughing which causes Orochi to snap. Orochi shows how merciless he can be while he tries to kill Otoko. Fortunately, Komurasaki steps up and slaps Orochi which forces him to transform into a mythical snake- Yamata no Orochi. I gotta say, the design of Orochi’s Zoan form look scary and funny at the same time. It looks really good and the animation was pretty sick too.

Orochi’s devil fruit revelation

Orochi’s castle turns into a chaotic place after Komurasaki refuses to apologize. Taking the advantage of the chaos, Robin tries to escape with Otoko but the Oniwabanshu spots her and follows her. Meanwhile, Brook is scaring some of the Oniwabansu using his devil fruit power.

Brook scaring the Oniwabanshu

Overall, the episode was good with well pacing and decent animation. The voice acting of Orochi is too good too. The episode ends with Kyoshiro taking out his Katana, well who knows what’s he upto? We’ll find it out on the next episode.

Rating: 8.5 out of 10


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