Title: “The Capital in an Uproar! Another Assassin Targets Sanji!”

Title Card

The anime is finally back after a two weeks long hiatus. The animation looks pretty solid in this episode which is a good sign by TOEI Animation.

The episode kicks off with the Big Mom Pirates forcing their way to Wano Kuni. It was good to see the BMP crew after not so long, but I totally missed Katakuri with the crew arriving at Wano.

Revelation of King’s Devil Fruit.

We also got to see King’s Devil Fruit power and its name i.e. Dragon-Dragon Fruit: Pteranodon Model (Ancient Zoan), which looks absolutely great. The animation team really did great with the confrontation between King and the BMP.

Although Big Mom and her crew forced their way through the tight defence of the Beast Pirates, they were caught offguard by King on top of the waterfall and the whole crew fell down with the Queen Mama Chanter. Also, Big Mom was separated from her crew.

King kicking the Queen Mama Chanter down the waterfall.

The second half of the episode deals with Page One searching for the mysterious man, Sangoro. We also get to the name of Page One’s Devil Fruit power i.e. Dragon-Dragon Fruit: Spinosaurus Model (Ancient Zoan). Yup, there are a tons of Dinosaurs in Kaido’s crew.

Revelation of Page One’s Devil Fruit.

Page One is really not a good guy, he literally destroys every single Soba shop in search for Sangoro. The kick Sangoro gives to Page One is orgasmic though.

Sangoro kicking Page One.

The final scene teases us the fight between Sangoro and Page One. Sangoro takes out the Raid Suit can to keep his identity a secret. Sanji in the Raid Suit would look absolutely great in anime and I am totally excited for his transformation sequence.

Sangoro taking out the Raid Suit can.

The preview of Episode 925 teases us some glimpse of Sanji in the Raid Suit and his fight with Page One.

Preview of the next Episode.

Overall the animation in this episode was good with a decent voice acting. The pacing setting upto the confrontation between Sanji and Page One was nice too.

Episode Rating: 8 out of 10

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