In the recent chapter of One Piece, Chapter 977, it was revealed that Kaido has a son. However, we don’t get to see him or know his name. He might be someone we’ve already met or a completely new character. But I think I know what his role in the Beast Pirates is. Before getting there, we know that Kaido’s top tier crew members is named with a theme of Playing Cards.

Here are the list of every known member of the Beast Pirates with a Playing Cards’ themed name:

KING the Wildfire

King the Wildfire

The lead performer and probably the strongest member of Beast Pirates is no doubt King the Wildfire. He is named after the King of Playing Cards suggesting that he is in the higher level of the hierarchy in Kaido’s crew.

QUEEN the Plague

Queen the Plague

After the King its always the Queen that follows the hierarchy. The 2nd most powerful card in the deck is the Queen and another lead performer of Kaido’s crew is named Queen suggesting that he is one of the strongest member of the crew.

JACK the Drought

Jack the Drought

Jack is always said to be the weakest of the 3 face cards and it is the same case with the Beast Pirates. Jack the drought is indeed weaker than the other 2 lead performers, King & Queen, but he is definitely one of the strongest member of Kaido’s crew. The billion berri man with the power of a Mammoth is not to be taken lightly.


Donquixote Doflamingo a.k.a. Joker

Joker is a card that actually doesnt belong to any set of a card but has a great power. Similarly, the Joker of Kaido’s crew, Donquixote Doflamingo, is not a member of the Beast Pirates but an associate of Kaido supporting him from outside.


The Numbers

The Number cards consists of 9 cards from 2-10. And we actually dont know anything about the Numbers in Kaido’s crew. We know the Numbers are the monstrous creatues who have been with Kaido for a long time but we don’t know how many numbers there are. So, by comparing to the set of a card, I think there are exactly 9 Numbers in Kaido’s crew who are probably named Two, Three, Four, Five, Six, Seven, Eight, Nine & Ten.


So, we got King, Queen, Jack, Joker & the Numbers from a set of the Playing cards and the only card missing to complete the set is the Ace card. The Ace is the most powerful card in the set. So, I’m just gonna say it, I think Kaido’s son is Ace. Wait, let me say it clearly, I think Kaido’s son is the Ace of the Beast Pirates, not Portgas D. Ace. I know it might seem like a crazy idea to use the name of one of the fan favourite character of One Piece but I’m not suggesting that Kaido’s son is named Ace, rather his epithet will be the Ace from the playing cards.

Well, if the Ace from Kaido’s crew is not his son then there is only one man left who is powerful enough to be worthy of being the Ace of cards and that is Kaido himself.

So, I think the Ace of Beast Pirates is either Kaido’s son or Kaido himself and I would prefer it to be Kaido’s son. But if Kaido is the Ace of the crew then I think Kaido’s son is Ten, one of the Numbers.

4 thoughts on “KAIDO’S SON IS THE ACE!?”

  1. great theory. we will see in action his son pretty soon. since the number cards are from 2-10 ( counted as 9 members ) i think those 6 slots are from tobi roppo. as we can see from this thread, they do have monstrous appearance and probably acquiring zoan type devil fruits. will love to go back to this post soon.

  2. Yeah i think that’s quite possible …. Cuz that’s the only thing missing from this deck called Beasts Pirates ……

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