Jimbei exchanging sake with Big Mom.

The former Warlord and the Captain of the Sun Pirates, Jimbei, finally became the official member of the Straw Hat Pirates in the Whole Cake Island arc after cutting off his ties with the Big Mom Pirates. But he didn’t get to sail along with the Strawhats into their next adventure in Wano Kuni. He stayed on Totland fighting the Big Mom Pirates along with his former crew and the Germa 66 led by Vinsmoke Judge, to let Luffy and co. escape Totland. This leaves the fate of Jimbei, the Sun Pirates and Germa66 to a question. Are they all alive or have they been killed offscreen?

We know Big Mom and some of her top tier members are currently in Wano kuni, so we don’t know whatever happened during the fight against the Big Mom Pirates. But I’m pretty sure that Jimbei made it out alive from that fight given that he has only just been recognized as the new member of the Straw Hat Pirates.

We are currently in the climax of Oden’s flashback and will probably jump back to the main timeline in a couple of chapters where the alliance is pretty much in a dire situation. It would actually be a perfect and somehow classical moment for Jimbei to appear out of nowhere and rescue/help the alliance as he always did. In addition to that, the final war at Onigashima is gonna begin soon and the alliance needs as much power as possible.

The Retainers of Kozuki Oden heading to Onigashima.

Along with Jimbei joining the final war at Onigashima, I can also see the Sun Pirates joining the force to take down Kaido and Orochi. Bringing Jimbei back into the current story would therefore be a perfect way to increase the chance of beating Kaido. I mean, the new member of the Straw Hat crew has to play a vital role in taking down one of the Yonkou, right?

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