Promotional poster of Art Contest 2020

One Piece Nepal organized its second event, Art Contest 2020, with a theme of ‘One Piece × VisitNepal 2020’ for the promotion of the initiative, Visit Nepal 2020. The contest was sponsored by Gurkhahemp and Anime Mart Nepal. Otaku Jatra was the Event partner for this contest.

Prizes of Art Contest 2020

The contest started from February 1, 2020 and had the submission deadline of February 29, 2020. But, due to a massive request from the participants, the deadline was extended till March 7, 2020.

Promotional poster after extension of deadline

This event was a huge success compared to Art Contest 2019: Dr. Vegapunk, as we received a total of 38 entries this year.

Here’s the arts of all the winners and the participants of Art Contest 2020: One Piece × VisitNepal2020:-


Boa Hancock in Newari attire, by Suraj Shrestha


Straw Hat Pirates promoting VisitNepal2020 on Zou, by Eanis Rai


Straw Hat Pirates with the mascot of VisitNepal2020, by Padma Raj Lama


Digital Entries

Monkey D. Luffy in Nepal, by Swornim Shakya
Boa Hancock in Haku Patasi, by Suki K. Manandhar
Straw Hat Pirates in Nepal, by Aayush Thapa
Nico Robin and Nami, by Sushmi Rai

Traditional Entries

Art by Mishan Adhikari
Art by Nisha Shah
Art by Sagar Prajapati
Art by Komal Chand
Art by Delu Shrestha
Art by Alish Awale
Art by Aloriok Itida
Art by Diya Pradhan
Art by Ghahana Sherestha
Wood art, by Ritesh Poudel
Art by Umit Joshi
Art by Pritha Shrestha
Art by Sabal Nakarmi
Monster Trio at Nyatapola, by Pyrex
Art by Ugra Rava
Art by Arjabi Shrestha
Kumarisaki, by Kabir Kayastha
Art by Bhasa Mishra
Art by Subira Pokharel
Art by Sanziv Manandhar
Art by Xtar Art
Art by Shristina Dangol
Art by Shristi Shakya
Art by Neesha Thapa Magar
Art by Yumi Ken
Art by Takeshi Sendoh
Art by Anime Lover
Art by Ashwin ‘Sahil’ Shrestha
Art by Nalisha Bhasina
Art by Atit Karmacharya
Art by Satish Gaha

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