One Piece is a series with thousands of characters in the story. Some charatcters are absolutely beloved by the fans, while some are hated to the core. Here’s the list of 5 characters that are absolutely hated by the fans of the series.


Stelly in Reverie.

Starting our list on number 5 is non other than Sabo’s adopted little brother, Stelly. Like most Nobles shown from the Goa Kingdom, he is an arrogant person who does not care for anyone that is of lesser status than himself, referring to them as trash. This extends to referring to Sabo as “stupid” and “trash” due to what he heard from their parents, all casually, disregarding any manners or respect. As an adult, Stelly still acts rudely to people of lower status and acts spoiled, as he complained about his lavish living quarters on Loguetown.


Flampe in Mirror World.

The 36th daughter of the Charlotte Family is one of the most hated character of the series by far. Although having a very little screentime, she managed to get on the nerves of a lot of fans. Her bulbous design, annoying laugh, and egotistical attitude all serve well to make her immediately detestable to fans. Her cuteness cannot make up for the fact that she near, single-handedly ruined one of the best fights in the series’ history with her own interference. She is literally a representation of all of the superficiality and the spoiled nature of the Charlotte Family; and for that, she gets all the hate that comes with it.



The former chief of CP9 sparks no fond memories whatsoever. Not only does he have a detestable personality and design, but he is responsible for torturing and just outright being a lecherous creep to one of the beloved girl of the series, Nico Robin. If anything, the only great memory that Spandam gave fans is the instance when Nico Robin gave him his comeuppance and broke his back.


Post time-skip Akainu

The current Fleet Admiral, Akainu, is a cruel and heartless man who believes in the Marines motto of “Absolute Justice”, which is to punish criminals at any cost. He will kill anyone that he thinks are evil or are an obstacle of justice. He will also not hesitate to kill his own comrades who run away from the battle. He will kill them no matter how they beg for mercy.
He is one of the most hated character of One Piece solely due to the fact that he killed one of the fan favourite character and brother of Luffy, Portgas D. Ace!


Saint Charlos

Well, the top spot for the most hated character of One Piece goes to Saint Charlos. I mean, who doesnot hate this piece of trash? He is the indulgent, man-child from the Sabaody Archipelago whose attempt to buy one of Luffy’s friends as a slave inspired one of the most epic punch scenes in anime history.

There are no other characters more detestable in the One Piece world than the Celestial Dragons. They have been built up since their inception as the worst of any wealthy elite, displaying arrogant displays of political overreach, offensive exhibitions of wealth, and downright ignorant perceptions of the world’s classes and people. Their own iconic costumes are air suits meant to separate them from the dirty air of the poor. It doesn’t get much more irredeemable than this, with Saint Charlos being one of the earliest and most hated examples of this.

Luffy punching Charlos.

Oh man, I absolutely love the fact that he got his irritating face beaten twice! Thanks to Luffy & Mjosgard for punching and hitting the shit out of that degenarate bastard.

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